Bona OxyPower Deep Cleaner Spray Mop Cartridge

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The Bona OxyPower Deep Clean Spray Mop Cartridge is designed for use with the Bona Spray Mop (for oiled wood floors or varnished wood floors). Providing a deeper, more intense clean than the standard Bona spray mop cartridges, this Deep Clean Spray has 3 times the cleaning action and is powered by hydrogen peroxide.

The OxyPower formula is specifically designed to remove heavy dirt build-up, giving your floors a deep clean without the extra effort. Waterbased solution with a Greenguard Gold certification, the OxyPower Deep Cleaner is suitable for use around humans, pets and does no harm to the planet.

Pair with the Bona Spray Mop for a simple single-action spray-and-clean function.

Suitable for varnished, oiled, laminate and waxed wood floors.

Size: 850ml


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