Bona Gap Master

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Size: 310ml
Colour: White

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Bona Gap Master is a silicone-free sealer for filling gaps between floorboards, or between boards and walls.

Suitable for gaps between 3mm and 12mm and available in 6 shades, the Bona Gap Master provides a professional solution and can be sanded and overcoated when dry.

Brand Bona
Number of Coats 1
Drying Time 24hrs


Coverage achieved with Bona Gap Master is dependent on the size and depth of the gaps being filled. The below table provides a guide of how far a single tube of Bona Gap Master will go.

Gap Depth (mm) 3mm Width 7mm Width 10mm Width 12mm Width
3 33m 14m 10m 8m
5 20m 8m 6m 5m
7 14m 6m 4m 3.5m
10 10m 4m 3m 2m


Wood floors must be fully cleaned of dust and other surface contaminants prior to application of Bona Gap Master.

Please Note: larger gaps may require filling with rope or cord to prevent the Bona Gap Master from falling through.



It is vital to follow the manufacturer's application instructions on the container to ensure effective use of the product.


Once dry, floors treated with Bona Gap Master can be sanded adn overcoated with Bona Primer (Natural, Classic, Intense or Amber)Bona Varnishes or Bona Oils. Aftercare should be conducted following the instructions provided with your chosen finishing treatment.



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