Bona Quantum Adhesive


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Bona Quantum is an all-round wood adhesive, featuring Bona's revolutionary Titanium Technology. Silane-based, the Bona Quantum adhesive delivers extreme strength that evolves over time - meaning that the strength enhances as the adhesive sets.

It offers the advantages of hard-elastic and hard adhesive in a single product. It has a built-in moisture barrier, 25% greater sheer strength than Bona R850 and is ideal for all-round usage.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating and manufactured using 75% recycled products.

Bona Quantum can be applied to the following substrates:

  • cementitious screed
  • floors levelled with levelling compounds (at least 2 mm thick and resistant against prasticizer migration)
  • calcium sulphate screed
  • chipboard
  • other dry and sound sub-floors
  • mastic asphalt screed
  • deep cleaned metal surfaces (contact Bona's technical department for specific application recommendations)
  • Bona underlays, including Bona U310 and U340
  • concrete


Before using Bona Quantum the floor substrate must be even, dry and clean. No cracks should be in the substrate and the substrate must be physically sound and slightly textured for optimal adhesion.

Typically, a primer is not needed. However, if the substrate is problematic, a sub-floor primer might be necessary before applying the Bona Quantum wood adhesive.


It is vital to follow the manufacturer's application instructions on the container to ensure effective use of the product. Bona recommends applying the Bona Quantum adhesive using a notched trowel (for example, the Bona Trowel range). Any adhesive that seaps up through the joints of the floorboards should be removed immediately using a damp cloth. Bona Quantum adhesive should be applied in the same quantity across the floor to prevent uneven wood flooring.

Please refer to the Bona Quantum technical data sheet for full information.


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