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Bona R200 is a single component polyurethane-based repair liquid for filling hollow spots and reattaching loose wood flooring.

When applied to previously bonded flooring, Bona R200 expands by producing a foam, giving a new bond between substrate and wood floor.

Bona R200 can be applied to the following subfloors:

  • cementitious screed
  • calcium sulphate screed
  • OSB or chipboard
  • other dry and sound sub-floors
  • concrete


Before using Bona R200 the floor substrate must be even, dry and clean.


It is vital to follow the manufacturer's application instructions on the container to ensure effective use of the product. Bona recommends the following method:

  1. Locate the hollow spots underneath the wood flooring by knocking on the floor and marking with a low-tack tape
  2. Drill one or more 4mm boreholes through the wood floor at the hollow area
  3. Inject Bona R200 through the boreholes using a one-way 25ml syringe (without needle). Inject Bona R200 slowly with consistent pressure.
  4. If needed, repeat the process
  5. The filled area should be weighted down for approximately 2-4 hours following application.
  6. Once dry, boreholes can be filled with a repair wax or other suitable material.

Please refer to the Bona R200 technical data sheet for full information.


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