Bona R848T Adhesive

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Bona R848T is a thick 1K silane wood floor adhesive with a higher viscosity than Bona R848, giving it an improved initial grab and reducing the risk of hollow spots.

Bona R848T wood adhesive is particularly effective on the installation of wood floors with low movement, such as engineered parquet or mosaic parquet. Bona R848T places low tension of the subfloor and hardens by reacting with moisture.

Water and solvent free to reduce the chance of slippage. Quick-drying - floors can be used 24 hours after installation.

Bona R848T can be applied to the following subfloors:

  • cementitious screed
  • calcium sulphate screed
  • concrete
  • floors levelled with levelling compounds (at least 2mm thick and resistant against plasticizer migration)
  • new chipboards
  • other dry and sound sub-floors, such as gypsum fibre boards 
  • mastic asphalt screed


Before using Bona R848T the substrate must be even, generally dry, clean and free from cracks. The surface should be slightly textured to ensure proper adhesion.

sub-floor primer is typically not needed. If the sub-floor is weak or contains high residual moisture content, a  sub-floor primer should be used.


It is vital to follow the manufacturer's application instructions on the container to ensure effective use of the product.

Bona recommends the application of Bona R848T with a notched trowel. Wood flooring should be weighted for around 30 minutes after being laid on Bona R848T.

Please refer to the Bona R848T technical data sheet for full information.


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