Bona Traffic Natural

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A professional-grade, highly protective floor finish, the Bona Traffic Natural varnish protects high-traffic wood floors from scuffs, scrapes and general wear and tear, whilst preserving the natural look of your wood floor.

Extremely durable and hard-wearing, the Bona Traffic Natural varnish extends the life of your wood floors and maintains their natural look, making it perfect for high-traffic domestic areas or commercial buildings.

Brand Bona
Coverage Up to 10m² per litre
Number of Coats 2
Drying Time 4hrs


Wood floors must be clean of dirt and other chemicals before application - but it is not necessary to sand floors back to bare wood before application of the Bona Traffic Natural. If floors are sanded back to bare wood, it is recommended that a Bona Primer be applied prior to application of the Bona Traffic Natural. For the most natural look, the Bona Primer Natural should be used.

Applying to Varnished Floors:

When applying to previously-varnished wood floors, the Bona Traffic Natural should adhere well to the grain of the floor. However, care should be taken to ensure that the coat of Bona Traffic Natural has adhered properly before applying another coat or another product. A test should be conducted: coat a small test area with a layer of Bona Traffic Natural and leave to set. After 3 days, scratch the area gently with a coin or similar - if the Bona Traffic Natural has adhered well to the surface and isn't easily scratched off, the rest of the application can proceed.

Applying to Waxed, Oiled or Polished Floors:

Floors treated with wax, oil or polish must be sanded back to bare wood before application. If Bona Traffic Natural is applied to waxed, oiled or polished floors without sanding back to bare wood, the product will not adhere to the wood.


It is vital to follow the manufacturer's application instructions on the container to ensure effective use of the product.


Floors finished with the Bona Traffic Natural should be regularly cleaned to increase the longevity and prevent any lasting damage to your wood floor. It is not recommended to use standard household cleaners or detergents, as the chemical composition can have negative impacts on the floor's finish.

We recommend using Bona's own cleaning system for floors treated with Bona Traffic Natural, including the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop and Refills.

Occasionally, it is recommended to refresh or renovate your floor using the Bona Freshen Up, Bona Wood Floor Polish or Bona Wood Floor Refresher to keep your wood floor as healthy as possible. 


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