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Pallmann P104 is a single-component resin sub-floor primer for use with wood flooring. With a blend of polyurethane prepolymers, Pallmann P104 is ready to use and can be used without the addition of any emollient ingredients. For interior use only.

Can be used as:

  • A barrier primer on unheated cement screeds or concrete with residual moisture up to 4CM% with 2-3 layers
  • A system primer prior to the installation of wood flooring using Pallmann reaction resin adhesives
  • A strengthening primer on weak, porous or cracked substrates
  • A bonding primer on dense or open-pored old substrates with adhesive filler residues, on moisture-sensitive substrates (including chipboard and gypsum-based dry screed material), on new mastic asphalt, or on floors with underfloor heating systems

See the technical data sheet for Pallmann P104 sub-floor primer for further information.

Available in 6kg or 12kg.


The substrate must be even, level, sound, dry and free from cracks or other materials. For wood flooring work, Pallmann recommends thoroughly brushing, abrading, grinding or shot-blasting substrates to remove any weak or soft surface areas that could prevent proper adhesion.


It is vital to follow the manufacturer's application instructions on the container to ensure effective use of the product. Pallmann recommends applying Pallmann P104 with a nylon roller. For use as a barrier primer against residual moisture, a second coat should be applied after 60 minutes.


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