Rewmar MS Polymer


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Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive is a solvent-free and water-free ready to use elastic wood flooring adhesive, specifically developed for high-strength bonding of wood flooring onto indoor substrates.

Easy to use and permanently elastic to prevent slippage over time, the Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive is a bestseller in the construction and wood flooring industry, used by professionals across the country. Forming stable peaks when applied using a notched trowel, Rewmar MS Polymer is suitable for underfloor heating and is designed to produce a strong hold to dissipate shear forces and prevent damage to the wood flooring or substrate.

Rewmar MS Polymer adhesive is suitable for use on:

  • anhydrite
  • concrete
  • screeds
  • wood
  • chipboard
  • wood floors with underfloor heating

Available in 12kg or 15kg tubs.

Always refer to the Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive technical data sheet for application guidance and further details.

Brand Rewmar
Application Rate Approximately 600-800 grams per square metre

Full technical information can be found here and should be followed at all times.


The substrate should be clean, free from oil, grease or other agents that may impair adhesion. The subfloor should be moisture tested against the recommendations given by the wood flooring manufacturer before installation of wood floors. Subfloors should be even, dry, clean and free from cracks. 


Manufacturer's instructions should be followed at all times. Rewmar recommends using a Notched Trowel for application of Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive.

Rewmar recommends cleaning tools and hands using Rewmar Hand & Tool Wipes after application.


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