Rewmar Rapid Primer & Damp Proof Membrane


Size: 4 Litres / 6kg

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Rewmar Rapid Primer & DPM is a subfloor primer designed to produce a moisture-resistant barrier for installation of wood floors.

Rewmar Rapid Primer & DPM is a fast-drying, solvent-free single-component polyurethane-based primer designed to be combined with Rewmar's range of adhesive products.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

One 6kg tub will cover:

  • 1 coat: 40 square metres (on subfloors with up to 75% relative humidity)
  • 2 coats: 24 square metres  (on subfloors with up to 85% relative humidity)
  • 3 coats: 17 square metres  (on subfloors with up to 95% relative humidity)

Always refer to the Rewmar Rapid Primer & DPM technical data sheet for application guidance and further details.


Manufacturer's instructions should be followed at all times. Rewmar Rapid Primer & DPM can be applied to concrete/sand cement screeds with up to 95% relative humidity and onto anhydrite screeds as a primer.

Rewmar Rapid Primer & DPM can be used as a fast-drying adherence primer on porous and non-porous smooth substrates, either applied before or after a screed or latex, but before applying Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive.

To use as a Damp Proof Membrane, Rewmar Rapid Primer & DPM should be applied in 2 or coats.

Rewmar recommends cleaning tools and hands using Rewmar Hand & Tool Wipes after application.

Full technical information can be found here and should be followed at all times.


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