Wakol MS 230 Wood Adhesive

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A professional-grade wood floor adhesive, the Wakol MS 230 Adhesive is a single-component, high-strength adhesive, specifically formulated for use on parquet flooring.

With an elastic formulation and a solvent- and water-free construction, Wakol MS 230 adhesive provides a simple adhesive solution for use on the following wood flooring:

  • mosaic parquet flooring (DIN EN 13488)
  • on-edge lamella parquet (DIN EN 14761) - minimum 16mm thick and maximum 200mm long blocks
  • strip parquet (DIN EN 13226) - up to a maximum width of 80mm and a maximum length of 600mm
  • multi-layer parquet (DIN EN 13489)
Brand Wakol
Coverage Between 700g to 1800g per square metre, depending on surface structure and absorbability of the subfloor and type of wood being installed
Drying Time Approximately 24 hours


Subfloors must be permanently dry, solid, level, free from cracks, dirt and adhesion-inhibiting substances.

Provided that the screed is free from dust, the wood parquet can be bonded directly to the subfloor using Wakol MS 230. If a primer is necessary, Wakol recommends using Wakol D 3055 Parquet Primer for cement-based and calcium sulphate screeds, or Wakol PU 280 Polyurethane Primer or Wakol MS 330 Silane Primer on mastic asphalt concrete.



It is vital to follow the manufacturer's application instructions on the container to ensure effective use of the product. Please refer to the Wakol MS 230 Adhesive technical data sheet for details.

Application using a notched trowel is recommended.

Apply Wakol MS 230 Adhesive uniformly to the subfloor. Fit the parquet flooring immediately afterwards and press down firmly to ensure that the underside of every wooden block is sufficiently coated with adhesive.

Full technical information can be found here and should be followed at all times.


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